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NIOXIN 3D Care System: an Effective Thinning Hair Treatment

Each 3-part System contains a unique blend of three technologies, formulated to promote scalp health and combat thin hair in both women and men. 89% of consumers who tried the Systems noticed a thickening effect.*

•••NIOXIN 3D Intensive Diaboost Hair Thickening Xtrafusion Treatments

A DIAMETER-Boosting treatment for fine hair that increases the thickness of each existing hair strand for fuller looking hair, as if you have up to 11,000 more hair strands.*

••••NIOXIN Night Density Rescue Intensive Therapy

A leave-in treatment clinically proven to boost hair density in 2 months, through a powerful blend of antioxidants known to neutralize free radicals on the scalp surface.

•••An advanced skin care approach for better scalp and hair treatment

NIOXIN has found inspiration in premium skincare to supply advanced care for thinning hair. As an extension of facial skin, the scalp requires the same attention and treatment.

The NIOXIN range of products are designed to strengthen, nourish and repairthinning hair from its foundation.

Because scalp health creates hair health, this provides the perfect foundation for thicker, fuller-looking hair.



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